Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby,You Can Drive My Car

Little took off for school tonight in the car.


However he's used to driving the Blazer, which is an automatic and the Dodge is a manual.

Yeah.  See?

I am a goofin' bundle of nerves.  My neck is as tight as a nun's knees.  He ground a least a pound trying to find reverse to get out of the driveway.

I can't fault the bubba.  I remember learning how to drive a manual. wasn't pretty.

But...once you learn, it is forever.  I can get behind the wheel of a 5 speed and go to town.  (literally and figuratively)  There is something so big and bad about shifting gears.  When I got proficient, I felt so tough and powerful, hot and sexy! Roaring along in my...gulp...

Geo Metro.

Don't you judge me!

When Big starting driving, I didn't have near this amount of angst.  Maybe it's cuz Little is the baby, but I have consumed a record amount of vodka since he's been driving.  I just know he'll be maimed and/or killed in a hideous wreck.

He is a good driver. He's been driving for almost a year now and he's more careful than Big, but Big always looked at home behind the wheel.  Little looks like an uptight little old man.  ...and kinda drives like one, God love him.

So I sit on the sofa, cuticles bloody.  Vodka and tonic in hand.  Prayers on my Absolute breath.

School is only a mile or so away and since I haven't heard sirens, I assume he still among the living and the little Dodge is still in one piece. is he.