Monday, June 15, 2009

Dressing the Part

I wore a dress to work today.

I know in this day and age it is in poor taste to go outside your home unclothed. I daresay it's even illegal. But I don't wear dresses anymore. Somehow down the line my work uniform became slacks and a blouse.

I continued, however, to rock the shoes.

I helped a girlfriend shop for a dress this weekend. She has a reunion coming up and obviously wanted something smashing to wear.

So a trip to the Dress Barn and 27 dresses later, she had in hand the perfect one.

I also found in my hand a perfectly fetching black and white polka dot sensation.

"Buy it!" she says.

"I don't need it!" I says.

But the kind clerk reminded us that we'd get an extra 10 dollars off the clearance price on each if we purchased both and she'd throw in a VIP discount.

So, I parted with twelve dollars and brought it home.

It was 12 bucks. Ladies, do I need to say more?

But I promised myself then and there that I would wear it.

But where? I mean really. Where would I wear it? I don't even wear skirts to church anymore.

And then it hit me that, contrary to popular belief, it wouldn't kill me to dress a little nicer for work.

So this morning I showered, shaved, put a curl in my hair, and set off to work with gams gleaming.

I swished into work with the humid air lapping against my legs like lake water.

I felt the tingle on them as the condiditoned air indoors evaporated the residue.

I remembered, that when seated at my desk, I could hike my skirt up past my knees for a little additonal ventilation and no one would be the wiser.

I fielded the expected remarks.

-Hey! Sugar! Got a job interview?

-Sug, I'm so sorry. Funeral this afternoon?

-Sugar! For God's sake cover those things up. The glare! I can't stand the glare!

But then I walked back in my door this evening after a hard day of dress wearing.

Little looked up from Halo 2 and did a double take.

"Wow, Mom! You look pretty."

Oh yeah.

I'll be doin' this here dress thing again.