Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi, Granny.

Well, it’s about time you ‘Hi, Grannyed’ me! I’m mad at you.

I know.

It’s been three weeks since you called me.

Yes, Ma’am.

Why do you want to go and hurt Granny that way? What have I ever done to have you treat me that way?

Yes, Ma’am. I know.

It just hurts Granny so bad when you do me like that.

Honey, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ve just been…I’m working a second… I at least…Bubby never ca…You’re right... It was thoughtless of me and I’ll try not to do it again. Would it help if you called me collect whenever you wanted?

I’ve got nationwide on my cell phone. But, Baby, I don’t call nobody. Besides, you’re never home.

… you’re right.

I’m sorry, Baby. Granny’s just not feeling good. I turned 90 you know.

Yes, I know.

How’s your Mommy? Now I want you to tell me the truth. Good or bad.

The truth? She’s holding her own. She’s not going to die tomorrow, but she’s going downhill. Her
Rebif isn’t working like it should so I’m having the staff check and see if they can up her dosage. Her eyes are getting worse, it’s harder for her thoughts to connect, and you can’t read a thing she tries to write.

That’s what I thought. Oh I’d love to go see her, but I can’t go nowhere-and she can’t come see me. …but you can! Why haven’t you come see me, Babe? Granny just loves you so much. You were my first Grandbaby and, I don’t know, something about you just took a hold of me.

Yes. Ma’am.

What have I ever done to have you treat me this way?

How’s the weather, Granny?

Oh, Babe the sun is shining and it’s nearly 75. It’s just beautiful!

Yeah, it’s warm here too. It’s been a nice drive to Mom’s today.

Babe, did I tell you cousin Reedy’s got cancer?


She’s only got a couple of months. Lung cancer, but she keeps smoking away. I call her about onced a week to check on her. She lives way over to Portia now so I can’t go see her.

Wait, You call her?

Yeah. She’s hard to catch, but I keep trying until I get her. She hardly every returns my calls though.

Granny, she’s probably resting.

Maybe, but it just hurts Granny. What have I ever done to have her treat me this way?

…sigh. I don’t know, Honey. I really don't know


Anonymous said...

Speaking with the elderly can be so enlighteningly absurd at times. It's like speaking with a 2 year old! And I don't mean that in a mean and nasty way. But I am perpetually amazed at how they perceive... versus how we do. ;-)

Sugar Britches said...

She's a pistol for sure and for certain. We reverse roles as we age. Parent becomes child. Child becomes Parent. Grandparent becomes...? What does that mean for us? Will the beat go on? Will we become our Parents and Grandparents? Or will we overcompensate and morph into something else?

Questions of the Universe. That and where do the orphan socks go?