Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Little PR

Little isn't so little anymore.

He's an amazing young man.  As a senior in high school he has shown ambition, leadership, and compassion all while courting the most special of young women.

He has a mountainous goal for this summer.    There is little doubt he will make it to the top.

Phantom Regiment will be fortunate to have this awesome Tuba player in their brass line.

This is a taste of what he experienced last weekend in Rockford, Il.  We go back in three weeks for the next step.

Chicago here we come!

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Jim Daly (@psneeze) said...

Fair play to him.

The Irish language phrase "mo cheol thú" literally means "my music to you". It is used in the sense of "I empathise/sympathise with or praise/support you" - I dedicate my music to you.

Tell him I said "mo cheol thú".