Monday, January 9, 2012

A January Night

It is a cold, clear night here in the Ozarks.

I left my vodka tonic on the coffee table to escape outside to the deck.  The dogs were kickin' up a fuss and when I stepped outside, I realized why.

The moon.


I'm going to take a moment.


Full.  Bright.  Incandescent.

Orion is jealous. How dare she steal his spotlight in the winter sky!

I see my breath escape in a gasp of wonderment.

I don't preach from a pulpit nor from my blog, but I'm telling you...seeing that wondrous gift, I felt ministered to.

I sit here on the gray metal deck chair.  The cold seeping through my night gown.  The stillness is as piercing and as dear to me as the screeching of pond frogs in spring.

I should do this more often.

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