Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Sky is Falling

The air moved sideways. I swear. I was putting supper on last night, glanced out the window and saw the air move. Well, actually it was great torrents of rain that the wind was pushing out of the way. But at first glance, it looked a lot different. So what did I do? I rushed out the back door of course. I stood under my porch and took it all in.

Nothing does my heart more good than a great thunderstorm, especially in the summer. I love that moment when the sky just cracks open and pounds the earth with torrents of rain. Since Big Britches was recovering from the plague, he didn't join me. I started to get Little Britches to come out, but come on, Mythbusters was on. So, I went solo this time. Which is OK. Sometimes the only company you need is your own.

When it was over, I went back inside and finished making supper. You've got to drop everything for a show like that.


Anonymous said...

... amen... my thoughts exactly... when nature presents a gift like that, well, you just have to stop everything and watch the world....


Sugar Britches said...

...don't ya just?