Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming to a close...

I leave for work in a few. The evening shift, don't ya know.

I've never been wrapped up in retail on New Year's eve before. Adventures abound surely.

I look forward to coming home this evening. I'll arrive moments before the new year rings in.

My house no doubt will be filled with sound and laughter.

...because the party is here this year.

I love that a party can be held at Britches Central, without Ms. Britches herself.

As I breeze in at the stroke of midnight, someone will have a glass of champagne and a kiss at the ready.

...what a way to start aught eight.


Primal Sneeze said...

By my calculations I'm 45mins early, but what the hell: Happy New year, Sugar. Have a great one.

Sugar Britches said...

Your calculations are correct! And if mine are also, then you are either up really early or staying up really late.

Either way-I love it that your thoughts went all the way across the pond tonight.

Have a great one yourself!