Friday, October 10, 2008

Acting the Fool

It's been a big day for me.

...and you're going to get a sappy post.

So if you don't enjoy reading about my kids, then now is the time to go and read something else.

Love Yuns. See ya soon!

For the rest of ya's...

News flash. My kids aren't perfect. Hard to believe, but true nonetheless. In fact, I have posts written about lapses in judgement, poor choices, laziness, and well, just plain stupidity.

...and those are just about me.

But I don't publish those.

My boys break my heart on a regular basis. Sometimes it's a pleasant ache and other times, it's a bitter acidic burning in my stomach.

The good with the bad you know.

But as usual, I'll report the fantastic.

Little got his driving permit today.

For those of you who visit from across the way, here in the states at 15 you can take and pass a written test. Then you can put in drive time legally with a licensed driver.

Basically, it's a practice permit.

While waiting for him to take his test, I ran into friend I graduated high school with. She was there with her oldest.

We chatted about the year we got our own permits. Now, here we were. She and her oldest and me with my youngest.

I teared up with Big because he was the first. I teared up with Little because he is the last.

After coming home drunk with nostalgia and...and...Ok just nostalgia, it was time to prepare for homecoming activities at the high school.

Big was singing the anthem with the choir and Little rocking the tuba.

The boys had to be at school long before we did. They had things to do and all Big Daddy and I needed to do was show up. So Little drove off with Big in the passenger seat patiently showing him the ins and outs of a manual transmission.

Yeah, dammit. I teared up.

Sigh. Again.

The neighbor across the way saw me standing on the porch, watching.

You OK, Sug?

Yeah. Little got his permit today.

Nervous Mom, huh?

Actually, this just breaks my heart a little.

I understand.

Then at the end of the drive, Little popped the clutch and killed the motor.

I laughed and everything was right with the world.

So Little made me cry today. I blubber at the drop of a hat and there's nothing for it. I ain't worth shootin' and we all know it, but there it is.


Big did me in, too.

At the football game he not only sang the anthem with the choir, he was the soloist.

Did he tell me he was doing this? Of course not. He knows how I am! He knows I become a puddle of ridiculousness when he springs things like this on me.

You're right. I know. I know. Even if he had told me I would have swelled up tears of pride, but I could have prepared some and not made quite such a huge spectacle of myself.

But he didn't so it serves him right. He could have saved himself the embarrassment of his ridiculous mother.

Maybe he does know and just doesn't care. Or... maybe he secretly enjoys my displays of idiocy.

Either way, my boys have done me in and I'm going to bed.

I'm worn slick.

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Erica said...

You always write the best posts. I love this one. Siiigh. In fact, I think the ones when you write about your kadiddles are my favorites.