Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Simple Things

When Big Daddy and I were first married, we'd go to the mall and watch people. We'd window shop and dream and he'd let me try on clothes we could never afford.

I also made a big show out of holding his hand or stealing a kiss because I wanted women to know I was with him and under no circumstances would I let them get their hands on him.

Our treat was a trip to Mr. Bulky's to buy jordan almonds.

I'd never had them growing up.  I had no idea that jordan almonds were candy coated and reminiscent of M&Ms but without the chocolate. They were pastel colored and appeared to made for Easter.

He thought this was unacceptable and an error in my upbringing.  So while we were shopping through windows and dreaming and watching, we'd share a small bag. I used to suck on them until the candy was gone and then eat the almond. 

He went Christmas shopping yesterday.  He was gone most of the day and when he returned he came bearing gifts to be wrapped and some to be enjoyed immediately.

They were red and green and white and candy coated.

I hid them in our bedroom and refuse to share them.

Sometimes something is so sentimental and so special and so sweet that it is just for you, ya know?

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