Thursday, February 26, 2009

Technically…It’s Rasslin’

If you find yourself down around The Pony- a gentlemen’s club-of an evening, make sure you stop in for ‘Wicked Wednesday’ wrestling  specials.

I don’t participate in nor witness these amazing spectacles, but I enjoy the billboard touting them as I drive by said establishment.

My favorite Wicked Wednesday thus far has been ramen noodle wrestling.

Last night they featured biscuits and gravy wrestling.

Whatever happened to good-old, all-American jello wrestling?  

Too prosaic.  



What’s next?  Yogurt wrestling?  Macaroni and Cheese, perhaps? Mashed potatoes? 

What do you think?

The possibilities are indeed endless.

Maybe next week, I’ll take a photo of the sign as proof in the pudding.

Stayed tuned for weekly updates.

I want to keep you…

…wait for it.



leeann said...

Way back in the day, when I had the *ahem* chops for it, I used to mudwrestle. It was pretty good money for the time, too. Not as much fun as you'd think, since they used nasty Ohio River mud, full of gravel and fish poop.
I'm just sayin... I would have LOVED jello wrestling. By the time it came around I had moved on to other forms of employment.

Jack said...

There's a King of the Hill episode that deals with this very subject with a twist to include the feet and tons of food.

Sugar Britches said...

Leeann that is great. I have neither the chops or the guts to something that fabulous.
You are my hero!

Jack, I love King of the Hill and yet I don't remember that one. To YouTube I go.

steve said...

Check out mashed potato wrestling here. ha

Sugar Britches said...

OMG! Steve, when do we start? Are you signed up?