Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Very Brady Rastlin' Match

I've never eaten pork chops and applesauce myself.  But Peter Brady and Alice surely made it popular in the 70's.

It seems to be a dish that goes together like apple pie and cheddar cheese.

Another combination I've never eaten.

In lieu of our current economy, I can also understand why The Pony would substitute pork chops with pork rinds.

It's frugal.  

Why waste a cut of the new white meat, when you can get a bag of chicharrones at the Wal-Mart for 99 cents?

Being from Missouri, I also know about the long standing argument that centers around how to pronounce the name of our fair state.

Mizzoureeeee?  Mizzouraaahhh?

So in keeping with our highfalutin quest to sound educated and genteel, I can see why The Pony-in its infinite wisdom-would deliberately choose a more sophisticated and exotic spelling.

I can think of no other explanation.  Maybe you can.

So for tonight's entertainment, I give you...

Applesauce and Pork Rhine rastlin'. can't make this shinola up.


leeann said...

I have never seen the Brady Bunch/ porkchops episode. Neither has H. Yet whenever porkchops are mentioned, we say it in that way.
Rasslin' in applesauce would be neat. Okay, fun, not "neat".
Oh, you know.

Sugar Britches said...

I don't have a problem with the applesauce, but wouldn't the pork rinds-excuse me, rhines-be a little sharp? I mean, until they get soggy. Or would you be in them long enough to get soggy?