Wednesday, May 20, 2009


That great time of evening when everything goes still.

Now is the time of year when everything is green and fluffy and full of color and scent.

The fire pit was fufilling its destiny with logs ablaze. I didn't have any marshmellows or chocolate or graham crackers.


The frogs began kickin' up a fuss down at yon pond.

A bat buzzed us. Where it came from we're still not sure.

Sadie and Fred took off down to the fence. They growled off into the timber.

Was that another dog?


It was a coyote. He loped out across the bottoms and then made his way back into the woods.

The guys chatted and Big puffed on his first cigar.

His first good cigar.

Big Daddy decided that all of those Swisher Sweets he and a buddy had been sneaking after their school shows should be replaced by a Romeo Y Julieta once he turned 18.

You know, I like being downtown. I love the romantic notion of renting a loft and gazing out at all the folks going by. Walking down to the corner for a coffee-watching folks go by during First Friday Art Walk-from my window.

But it is just a notion.

I'm a redneck girl at heart.

And sitting on my redwook deck at dusk is just about perfect for me.


Primal Sneeze said...

Well I suppose I'm a redneck too. An Irish one - muineál rua.

Nothing beats a red sun setting over the fields and the birds making their way back home for the night. Nothing. Nothing.

Sugar Britches said...

I love the Irish primer you provide for me. Now if only I could pronounce it.

I love my little part of the world. But that doesn't mean I'm not prepared to enjoy parts I've never seen. I'd dig seeing your Irish fields!