Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Mouth

We have a large ladies' room here at work.

20 stalls-10 each on either side of the handwashing stations.

So lo and behold. I go to avail myself of the facilities this morning and find myself alone in the restroom. There isn't another soul in there.

As I go about my business, I hear the bathroom door open and another lady come in.

...and use the stall right next to me.



...and it wasn't pleasant.

Why in the world would a person go into a virtually empty restroom and use the stall right next to someone when there are 19 others to choose from?

This is a serious issue, Folks.


Primal Sneeze said...

A man would never do that. In fact, we unknowingly have a system of separation. If I find it, I will send a link.

Sugar Britches said...

Do. I may need to pass it out at work.

Uli said...

Actually the very same thing happened to me at Lowe's yesterday....and I'm a dude. I almost said out loud "Are you kidding me? Really?" Now, there were only 8 other stalls, but it was a CLEAR violation of the unwritten rule

Sugar Britches said...

Clearly, Uli! Action must be taken to stop this travesty.

carrie said...

Oh, that would make me crabby!