Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What is it about a large body of water that restores a person?

Fall is now upon us and with the arrival of autumn; comes the clean crisp air we look so forward to. Air that not only helps us breathe more deeply, but see more clearly. The haze of humidity lifts and we are treated to colors that wouldn’t be nearly as vibrant in the heat of summer.

But as fall begins summer activity ends and in bustles the winter. Winter brings joys of its own, indeed. But it’s during that long season that I find myself longing for the water.

Aching for its power.

Yearning for its healing.

A hand brushing over the surface can soothe the psyche’s frayed edges. The silky feel of the water travels directly up my arm into the rest of my body to smooth the ends and repair the jags.

Kicking off my shoes, rolling up my pant legs, and wading in can shock my system and give me a giddy laugh as that feeling of dread is yanked out through my stomach.

What was it again I was worried about?

A quick breath in, a clumsy dive under and I understand the concept of baptism. As I surface I feel my lurking evil side left behind in the depths. I am left hopeful that next time-my next opportunity-I will make the right choice.

Standing at the foot of a roaring dam, my thoughts are drowned out by the thundering noise. I feel the spray blasting me in the face and watch fallen tree limbs and my melancholy being hauled downstream against their will.

Ten steps back up the bank.

Silence again.

It is dawn.

It’s the best time.

The world is quiet, my thoughts are silent, and I’m the first person ever in the history of the world to step into the water. This spot has never before been explored. And I talk to the fish and the birds before the Sun has a chance to schedule their day.

I’ve never been in the ocean though.

From a hotel window I’ve seen it. I’ve looked at it across a wide expanse of black beach and caught my breath in my throat as I marveled at an impossible blue.

But someday I long to touch it.

…and see how it touches me.

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Anonymous said...

.... beautifully written, ma'am.... and well said.......