Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here I sit.

Big Daddy has a class tonight.

Little is at a soccer game.

Big is at rehearsal.

I fed the livestock.

I changed my clothes without issue.

I put some supper on.

I wanted to go for a walk, but my lazy bone has healed from its recent bout of activity, so I turned on the TV instead.

I turned off the TV.

I picked up a book.

I put it down.

I turned on the vacuum.  I turned it off.

I put in a load of laundry.

I lit some candles.  Cinnamon.

There’s a chicken package left in the trash.  I take out the trash before it starts to stink.

I come back in from the garage and stand in the middle of the kitchen.

I scratch my head.

I look around.

I went out on the deck.

I watered the dogs.

I emptied cigar butts out of the ash tray.

I came back in.

I perused iTunes.

I put on a pot of coffee.

I read a few blogs.

I tried to call a friend.  Voice mail.

I hung up.

I walked out the front door and to the end of the drive.

I stand there.

Heavy sigh.

I walk back.

Here I sit.

…some days, ya know?

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