Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life as I know it

The house is shaking.

I have smoke in the living room and I trip as make my way through.

...Leggo, train sets, (thus the smoke) and Lincoln Logs. They get dragged out when buddies spend the night.  

I have two extra boys tonight which means blowing up the air mattress.

You might think I'm complaining but you'd be mistaken.

I love the noise and laughter that wake me up at 2 in the am.

I bitch and moan because the gallon of milk I bought yesterday is gone today.  I refuse to buy any more pop because I find half finished cans laying around the house. I roll my eyes as I listen to them complain that there is nothing in the house to eat, when in reality there is tons.  They just don't want to bothered to actually cook anything.

Again.  If you think I'm complaining, you'd be mistaken.

I deal with nasty hair, smelly feet and dirty clothes that suddenly appear out of nowhere needing to be washed.

But I love it.  

I think the good Lord knew what he was doing when he blessed me with boys.  Girls have too much drama and are too high maintenance.

I know because I am one. There is enough estrogen in this house with just me.

I'm thinking tonight about how loud silence can be and how piercing it will be when they are gone.

So I gladly bang on the wall in the middle of the night to quiet Rock Band and signal them to get to bed because we have church tomorrow.

I know what I'll give thanks for when I get there.

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Jack said...

True that, Sugar B. Ain't nothing better than the clanging and banging of kiddos.