Friday, January 2, 2009

Still Lost

I've blogged about this twice.

You'd think I'd get my bowels in an uproar about something important, but no. 

If I had a lick of sense I'd be lamenting world poverty and atrocious human rights issues, but again, no.

I could be posting about my aversion to ivory and the poaching of my beloved elephant. Even that would have some relevance.

But again...


I know you’re sick of hearing me harp on this, but I’m still not convinced this is a good thing.

want to see the zipper up the back of the sleestaks’ costumes.  Isn’t that the point? 

Will there be enough cheese?

I worry.


Eolai said...

Your zipper link takes you to your email. I still got to Will Ferrell by copying the anchor text into my browser but I imagine you'd want to fix the link.

Sugar Britches said...

Thanks. That's what I get for not checking my links.