Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bacon-It’s What’s for Breakfast

Yesterday morning I had a bacon sandwich.

Now this seems like a simple thing. A bacon sandwich-breakfast of the Gods, but in actuality there is a process involved.

First off the bacon has to be crisp. Not cooked to the point of crumbling, but just to the point you get a nice satisfying crunch when you bite down. Three slices is perfect.

Secondly, the bread needs to be whole wheat and it is never ever to be toasted. I use one slice of honey wheat which has just a hint of sweetness. The bread needs to be ultra fresh so the doughy goodness gets caught behind your front teeth when you bite down.

I put the three slices of bacon on one slice of bread and fold it over.

Condiments aren’t necessary or appreciated.

Now then, this could lead to a discussion of bacon’s virtues and other mouth-watering applications, such as a BLT, the use of bacon on a burger, running it around your plate to sop up the yummy, runny egg yolk, and putting salt pork in your brown beans, but this would just muddy the waters.

The perfect use of bacon is on a sandwich, Kids.

It’s good for the soul.

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