Monday, October 8, 2007

A Storm

It's coming.

Even in the office, I can hear the rumble. I actually feel the walls vibrate with the thunder.

Now that the rain is actually falling, I hear it pummeling the roof.

Okay, that’s it. I can sit here no longer. I have to go look. It’s a compulsion. I can’t stop myself.

Ah, there it is. It is what I thought. A gully washer…Oops! There’s more thunder. I’m standing in the vestibule and the rain is lashing the sidewalk so hard it’s bouncing back up to the sky. It’s falling off the curbs like water pouring out a pitcher…or piss out of a boot if you’re from around here.

Uh-Oh. Here comes Sherry from accounting. Her umbrella is useless against this barrage. The wind is catching it and I‘m afraid it’s going to…yep there it goes! She breaks into a run and I grab the door open for her and get sprayed in the face for my trouble. Bless her heart. I can hear her shoes squishing against the tile floor as she trudges to her cube.

It’s about over now. This will blow by any minute and we’ll be left with overflowing runoffs and cool, damp air.

There is so much power in a storm, yet I also feel a soothing in the black clouds. They cocoon me. I feel comforted, invigorated, and awestruck all at once. God reveals himself to me in this way- if you don’t mind me waxing philosophical.

I feel better.

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