Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Brighton is showing off a new piece of jewelry today. It was given to her by her favorite man and created by her second favorite man-David Yurman.


That’s not a sigh of envy. It’s a sigh of apathy.

I’m just not that into jewelry.

Shocking I know.

That’s not to say I don’t have pieces that I treasure. My wedding set, my mother’s ring, and the Journey necklace Big Daddy got me for our 20th anniversary will never leave my possession this side of Heaven. There is a Black Hills gold wedding band that Big and Little fished out of the lake when they were snorkeling. (They were little bitty guys and I’ll never forget how proud they were when they gave it to me) There’s my high school and college rings.

The jewelry I treasure has sentimental value. It’s the sentimental quality of what I have that is important not the designer name.

That being said, let me also say I do love all the trappings of being female. I like the make-up, shoes, clothes-and jewelry. I love spending a full day at the salon. I just don’t feel the overwhelming urge to have 75 pairs of shoes, 45 overpriced, over-hyped handbags, and a collection of jewelry so large I couldn’t possibly wear it all.

I’d rather take all that money and spend it on gadgets!

Last year for my birthday, Big Daddy got me a video iPod. I swooned. This year he got me a docking station for it. I melted. I’m pining away for a laptop. I use a Blackberry. I’d love a new home computer with all the latest bells and whistles. What’s it like using a Mac vs. a PC? How long should I wait before I investigate the iPhone in all its glory?

Brighton doesn’t understand this about me. We are on different pages when it comes to what we shop for. I say ‘meh’ to her new piece and she couldn’t care less about my need for new ear buds.

One thing though. It drives me crazy that she doesn’t use an ATM/debit card. She still writes a check for cash…and for her David Yurman.

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Montgomery Jack Farnsbooth said...

Just wandered thru blogland and stubled upon this little jewel. very humorous and enjoyable, a breath of fresh air even.