Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Word

You know those surveys that get emailed around all the time? The ones that ask you questions like “What are listening to right now?” and “What’s your favorite movie?”

I think in the blog world these are called memes.

I dread getting them.

Not because I don’t like talking about myself, because we all know I live for that. (I have a blog, don’t I?) It’s because they are the same old questions, and they are always sent by the same people. I guess they forget to save the responses and have to send it again and again-and again.

Today, however, I got a new meme. It asked me to describe the sender of the email in one word.

Wow. I never use one word for anything. Let alone, describing someone.

In this instance, it was surprisingly easy. I answered right back.

The other side to this activity was to reciprocate and have others describe me in one word.

I don't think so.

I enjoyed this game very much when it was to describe someone else. But I had no desire whatsoever to have anyone else describe me. I’m not a masochist!

So of course I did it.

Here is what came back.


Three people responded back. I sent out eight or so.

This means:

I’m indescribable in one word.
Only three people had kind/neutral words to say. (If you can’t say something nice…)
Three people felt duty bound.
The others were afraid of this game also and just didn’t respond.
The others saw immediately it was a time waster and deleted.

Of the three ‘one words’ sent to me here is my reaction.

I believe the first person-she’s my best friend.
The second one could only think of something superficial.
The third word came from a man who continually surprises me.

I thought he’d come back with something cute and suggestive. He likes the word ‘lush’ a lot. (the adjective, not the noun) The word ‘generous’ though threw me, and gave me a lump in my throat because somehow I know he wasn’t describing my ass. He was describing me. In one word.

The third word came from the man who knows and loves me best in the world.

…and that’s the only person who counts.

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