Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At Last

It’s mine all mine!

I’m getting a package in the mail in a week or so.

…from Ireland.

I’m very excited because I’ve never received anything from overseas before.

I take that back. When I was in 7th grade I had a pen pal from Japan. She was the same age I was and she wrote her letters in perfect English. Her handwriting was pristine and her sentences were written along a straight edge. The letters themselves were written on rice paper.

Isn’t that the coolest? I still have them somewhere.

But this time, I’m getting a package.

I travel two or three times a year for my ‘real’ job. Every time I get in an airplane and fly across this great nation o’ mine I thrill at the view from above. I struggle to find the words to describe what I see as I look down from the sky.

...and I fail.

I see a patchwork quilt landscape. It gives me a lump in my throat and words are just never enough to convey the emotion.

So imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this.

I’ve coveted 38,000 Feet for over a year and yesterday I bought it.

I don’t know where I’m going to hang it just yet. I imagine it will tell me where it wants to live when it gets here.

I hope I’m worthy of it.

So do yourselves a favor and browse Eolai’s art sale.

You’ll find that for which there are no words.


Eolaí said...

Given that it's going I'm so glad it's going your way. A couple of other people in the past year have also mentioned to me that they were waiting for it to go on sale.

I meant to give you a heads up that I would be including it in this sale, but putting a sale together of 76 paintings I kind of got lost in the details there for a few days.

And with me not yet having the hang of a postal system that is 4 times the price of what I was used to in the US, I'm disappointed it won't be flying to you all framed and presented as well as it could be.

I hope it doesn't disappoint you in the flesh (so to speak)

Sugar Britches said...


I think that would be impossible.

Laura said...

Ohhh, I like that one! Beautiful use of colors as well. That'll go with almost any decor, I should think. Best of all, you won't see it hanging in your friend's houses like a mass-produced poster from the mall.

I think I know how you feel about getting the package from overseas. Last fall I ordered a purse from Seabreeze studios, was almost rather giddy when it arrived. ;)
The designer is from Japan and she lives in London.

It's extremely well made and I get compliments on it all the time.
Her Site, if you're interested at all, is here:

It's great when you can find artists online such as eolai and help support their work! I'll go take a look at her site now.

Sugar Britches said...

He's quite the renaissance man, that Eolai fella.

Those were great bags! Thanks for the heads-up.