Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've Converted

I cannot begin to explain to you how beautiful this evening is.

We just had a tumultuous spring shower and the whole of this county has been scrubbed fresh and clean and shiny and new. The air is incredibly sweet with a hint of lilac wafting in through my window.

Everything is so green! It's almost technicolor. The Redbuds are bursting with purples and the dogwoods are blushing pink.

...see? I told you I couldn't explain it.

I was driving Little and Chase to church this evening-Big will catch up to them after piano lessons. As I looked in my rear view, Little had his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

Bub are you OK?

I'm great, Mom.

The air smells fantastic doesn't it?

And it tastes fantastic.

He was right.

As I was driving the short way back home alone, I...

What's that? Why didn't I stay for church?

Oh, that!

I've converted to Heathenism. It's way more fun. Instead of sitting in a stuffy building, I'll be out of doors at dusk watching the full moon rise.

As I was saying...on the short way back home there were yards being mowed and weeds being whacked-and the smell was nirvana. (I know it's too wet, but if they wait any longer they'll have to hire a thrashing crew and bale the stuff!)

And me? While the young men in my life are sitting inside learning how to save their immortal souls, I'm in the back yard cutting lilac bouquets, inspecting the iris and lilies, drinking wine, and listening to the frogs sing their warm weather hallelujahs.

I'm telling ya...Heathenism.


Anonymous said...

.... absolutely marvelous.... it sounds like you are definitely living right.....


Bou said...

I'll be a heathen with you!!

Sugar Britches said...

Let's gather a congregation and start a church, Ya'll! -The United Heathen Temple of the Good Blogger.