Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just Checking In.

Let's see.

No creativity. No compulsion to post. Not very prolific-even less so than usual.

Life moves forward.

Here's a rundown.

Sugar-working, working, and...oh yeah, working. I don't complain. Some folks can't get any work at all. I bitch because I have two jobs?

I think not.

...I just feel like I'm missing things that are important.

Big Daddy-keeping the house clean and consulting the Sandra Lee cookbook with regularity to whip up fantastic suppers for the guys and to ensure I have something yummy to come home to.

...he is a partner in every sense.

Big...manning the cast iron skillet for his new job at Silver Dollar City. Big fun for him. Carrying on the family tradition. He just finished deck crew for Into the Woods and is at a cast party as we speak. He's goes to state drama competition Saturday after next and the Saturday after that he goes to state choir competition. (Did I forget to mention that he qualified for state in all three performances at districts? I did? Well, let me tell you he's competing in a men's ensemble, a mixed ensemble and a solo.)

...the child can sing. But you knew that. It's hard to visit with me for any length of time and not know that.

Little...tore up the tuba Thursday evening playing the devil out of "The Happy Farmer". He got a 1 on his solo, too. However the Jr. High level doesn't go much farther.

He's still all angles and sharp lines. He eats like a field hand and tries to bulk up, but alas...not yet.

...I'll have to entertain you some time with a description of his velociraptor imitation. His brother has stage talent, but Little has a wicked sense of humor that slaps you silly and then makes you laugh that way.

OK, maybe I'm not missing much. I make sure I get to all their school events. And even when I am home in the evening, there is homework to be done and gaming to do.

They hardly say two words to me, but I miss breathing the same air.

This morning Little put his arms around me and wouldn't let go.

Someday I will miss that.

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