Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Post was Previously Recorded

A man came through my line tonight and all he purchased was a box of Grecian Gray.

You know, the hair dye.

It made me smile.

...If only he'd purchased some pipe tobacco also.

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Erica said...

Such a sweet post about your Dad, rest his soul. Reminded me so much of my cherry-tabaccy corn-pipe-smokin' Uncle Rudy, also of blessed memory, who left us when he was 55, and I was not yet four.

But my memories of him...they're seared into me, and I do the same doubletake whenever I smell the cherry tobacco waft beneath my nose.

I love it, because, if just for a fleeting moment, I'm a kid again jumping on the bed with him. He was so much fun, my Uncle Rudy.