Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Big Daddy and I went out on the deck tonight to get the stink blowed off us.

He felt the need for a cigar, so he took the livestock and out he went.

I donned my sheep skin slippers to ward off a slight chill and followed.

We sat side be side on top of the picnic table and listened to nothing.

The sound of nothing can be eerie.

There was no wind in the trees, no bugs kicking up a fuss, no frogs sounding off.  We didn't even hear the sound of traffic from the nearby main road.

A glow lit up the valley.  We think it came from town but we're not sure.

It was an evening for sneaking up on something.  Or an evening for something to sneak up on you.

We sat side be side breathing in clean cool air disrupted only by the occasional pleasant whiff of cigar smoke.

We wanted to talk to each other but the silence was deafening.

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