Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pickin' and Grinnin'

So I'm sitting there this evening taking in a little Hee Haw.

The episode is circa 1969.  I was a mere one year of age when this originally aired.  The jokes were corny and stale back then and I am ecstatic to report they haven't changed one wit. (Get it? Wit?  Ha!  I kill me!) 

If I groaned once, I groaned a hundred times in the hour.  One thing you can say about a bad joke, it weathers well.  It can't get any worse with time.

...but then again, it can't get any better.


"Hey, I hear you play the trombone."

"Yeah, but lately I've been lettin' it slide.

Poetry.  Pure poetry.  

So not only was I steeped in awesome cheesy cornpone, I reveled in vintage Tammy Wynette and got to witness Mr. Haggard when he was clean shaven and sporting a pompadour.  

Don't that just churn your butter?

All was not golden however.

The Hager Twins.  



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Midtown Miscreant said...

there is a whole bunch of poly liesure/western wear going on there. Have you seen Roy Clark lately? Not sure what they put in the water in Branson, but it's turned him in to a chubby lizard man.