Monday, September 10, 2007

Facial Hair

I like a man with hair on his face.

This revelation came to me today while perusing gossip sites. Men, with few exceptions, look better, sexier, edgier, manlier with a little scruff on their faces.

I’m in the minority here, I know. Most women want their men smooth and clean-shaven, but I like a mustache/beard combo. Only Tom Selleck can rock a mustache-only without being confused with a 70’s porn star and even he sports a beard these days. The Abraham Lincoln beard-only thing just leaves me cold and confused. Thus-a combination of the two is necessary.

Let’s also not confuse facial hair with peach fuzz. It’s got to be the real thing. Full, thick, well- tended, but not over-groomed. Over-groomed facial hair is an oxymoron. I mean what’s the point in growing a beard if you got to tend to it everyday anyhow? And don’t bother with all those intricate designs and soul patch thingies.

However, do trim that dude occasionally. I mean a beard down to your belly button really isn’t sexy.

No, it’s not. Trust me.

Big Daddy has had a beard since the day I met him.

Ten years ago, I came home from a trip to India. (Fodder for another post) I had two little boys run into my arms and their daddy was no where to be found. I took a quick look around and he was no where in sight. Big pointed excitedly to a clean-shaven man leaning against a pole. It was Big Daddy. I was so distraught, I began to cry. He was a stranger. And after that trip, I really wanted my husband.

He grew it back, posthaste.

But George Clooney, if you’re reading this…

(What’s so funny?)

You get a pass. I saw a picture of you today sporting a full beard.

Ew. Not so much.


Primal Sneeze said...

You'd luuuve me then, Sugar! Neatly unkempt is how I'd describe my beard.

As they say, snogging a man without a beard is like snogging you little brother. Or maybe it's just me that says that.

Sugar Britches said...

I love ya already, Primal Darlin!
And get ready for it...both my hands on your face, grabbing your beard,from across the pond-SMOOCH!

big said...

And that is why you put you woman mags away, cause dad will read anything and gets crazy ideas like that.