Thursday, September 6, 2007

Missouri, again?

“Listen to this,” Boon Doggle said as she was catching up on the news via MSN.

Naked hula-dancing boys on a beer run. That’s a hoot! Only in Missouri. HA!

“Oh my Gosh listen to this,” she said again, but with shock in her voice.,2933,295063,00.html

Flushing your newborn down the toilet.


Not remotely amusing.

“I’ll flush you, you stupid cu…” (Whew, close one.)

I know this young girl is ill. She has to be. The rational part of me knows this, but the mother in me is seething with fury.

Sarcastically, I muttered over to Boon’s desk. “Where did this happen? Missouri again?


It always speaks volumes.

What could we possibly say?

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