Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sugar Britches’ Playlist-The Irish Edition

Sugar Britches’ Playlist
Edition: Irish Favorites
Release Date: September 11, 2007
Total: 12 Songs

As promised, the Irish installment of my self-indulgent playlists.

I’ve mentioned before that Big got me started on Irish music. It started with the Clancy Brothers and their drinking songs. (With boys, doesn’t it always start with those?) It quickly moved past that. It always amazes me how much traditional Irish folk sounds like our own folk/bluegrass…

But, I digress. Here is a little of everything.

“The Pool Song”-Jimmy Crowley (Track 1) Not to be confused with that whole Music Man business. Did you know that redneck America didn’t invent this game?

“Dia Luain, de Mairt”- Gaelic Storm (Track 2) This song will get stuck in my head for days even though the words are Irish and I don’t know what in the cat-hair they are saying. I sing the title part and hum the rest. By the punctuation, I’m guessing they are addressing someone. Is it a greeting? Translation, Anyone? Anyone?

“Delicate”-Damien Rice (Track 3) I can’t handle a steady diet of Damien. To listen I need to be in the mood to either commit adultery or suicide. But, this was the first song I heard that interested me in hearing more.

“Your Pretty Smile”-Damien Dempsey (Track 4) There are more provocative songs I could have put here that do him more justice as a songwriter. But, “Your pretty smile can light up any room.” Wouldn’t you want a man to say that to you? (If you’re into men, that is.)

“Sweet Violets” Mairtin DeCogain. (Track 5) This is a pseudo-naughty little ditty that just tickles me.

“Grace of God, Go I”-Flogging Molly (Track 6) Again, not a popular track or one most indicative of their style. It’s a solo acapella rendering -heartbreaking. But I love singing the song in the car, by myself, finding a different harmony each time.

“Mountain Dew”-The Clancy Brothers with the Dubliners (Track 7) It makes me think of adolescent boys and a drive to Branson.

“Fairytale of New York”-The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (Track 8) A prosaic choice perhaps, but the song is anything but.

“Someone Like You”-Van Morrison-(Track 9) His songs get covered so much. Brown-eyed girl is done to death. This one is just so incredibly romantic. A chick song I know, but nonetheless. …besides, it is my list.

“1849”-The Elders (Track 10) Bachelorette party! A new band fresh out of Kansas City at the time. We silly girls laughed and danced and we’ve kept tabs on their career ever since.

“Don’t go for the One”-Gaelic Storm (Track 11) Sugar’s favorite drinking song. Big Daddy says it makes him think of me. …I don’t get it.

“Before Sleep Comes”-Barry Moore aka Luka Bloom (Track 12) I wish this song had been recorded when the bubbas were babies. What a lullaby.

Safe landing, Eolai.


Primal Sneeze said...

Yep, Sugar, a lot of bluegrass, folk and what is known as Irish music grew from the same stable. The influences later went every which way.

It is obvious that Eolaí's love of Damien Rice and Máirtín DeCógáin has rubbed off on you.

I never heard of The Elders or Flogging Molly until mentioned by the same gent. I guess they are US-based.

I have never heard of Gaelic Storm either: Correct me, but would the title not be Dé Luain, dé Máirt? Meaning Monday, Tuesday - a sing-a-long song we all sang at school. Although Amazon and others list it as you have. Just curious as to what the sleeve of the CD says.

Some day when there's time I must put together a to listen to and tell me what you think list for you.

Sugar Britches said...

I’d listened to Damien Rice previously, but I did learn of Mairtin from IrishKC. I got to see Jimmy Crowley and he perform together and it was great!

The Elders, Flogging Molly, and Gaelic Storm all have one Irishman in their band and they did originate in the States. I know listing them as Irish is probably iffy, but the Irish sound is there. FM is definitely more of a punk band. Gaelic Storm puts a modern sound to folk. (At least in my humble opinion)

I buy most of my music from iTunes, so I only have the CD covers that they provide. I got the spelling of that song from there. Obviously, I am completely ignorant of the Irish language. I was way off on my guess!

Send a song list my way. …I love listening to new stuff.

Primal Sneeze said...

I'll do a list (some new, some old), Sugar, but it might take a while. I'd like to think about it.

The Elders etc. may have originated in the US but it is the genre of music they play, not their nationality, that counts.

Anyway, here's something to get you started: John Spillane - favourite for years now. You'll find quite a mix of his work on the site.

Eolai said...

Have landed twice - or three times depending on what a landing is - but all of them safe thank you.

Some fine choices on there Sugar. I've never called anybody sugar before.

I need to go. Wedding day in England. A self-hosted affair. The sun is coming up and I'm hoping to intercept a young baby before she wakes her mother - the bride.

Sugar Britches said...

Ah, Eolai. A fun albeit busy day in store for you.

Your sister, I'm guessing?