Monday, February 18, 2008

Now It's His Hands

I've discussed Little and his unwelcomed physical transformation before. I've regailed his character.

Tonight was Jr. High conferences. They are student led. This means that Little had to go throught a folder of his work. As he went through each item he pointed and gestured with his hands.

I couldn't pay attention to a thing he said because I was transfixed by his fingers.

Little now has these beautiful, long, graceful fingers. They almost seem freakishly long compared to the rest of his hand.

You know how a puppy's feet just seem too large for his body?

That's not what I'm talking about.

I thought it was, but it's not. Because Little's hands are not the least bit clumsy.

His fingers look like they were made for something special.

Music, maybe? He plays bass. He plays the tuba.

Art? He drew Spiderman on his folder. He used to love to sketch before he discovered the football.

Charming women? I don't have the strength to even consider that, although I see it coming.

(gulp) Soon.

An honest living is all I want out of my young men. Whether it's changing oil or transplanting kidneys.

But tonight- in Little's hands,

...I saw magic.


Erica said...

He plays bass? There's your answer. It's a common thing for people who start playing guitar/bass at an early age to have longer left fingers than right fingers, because they are stretching that part of their body out while they are simultaneously growing. A friend of mine has that, and it is one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. But yet, quite graceful. Like nice long piano fingers.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Oh, that's a beautiful post. It is very strange indeed to look at your children's hands and wonder what they'll turn them to as adults.

Sugar Britches said...

Erica- I actually thought 'piano' fingers myself. That and the thought crossed my mind he could palm a basketball!

Thank, Sam. We'll see what the future holds! ...and sorry about the repeat comment on your post. I thought maybe my wording had something to do with getting caught up in your filter.

Bou said...

Charming women? That was GREAT!

I'm with you. I just want them to have good honest jobs. Oh and I want them to meet women that love them and who they love in return.