Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Baby has Man Legs

Little had his feet up on the coffee table last night. He was watching Bullet Proof Monk. I passed by and had the inexplicable urge to play "Piggy" with his stinky pubescent feet. Just as I started this "little piggy went to market"...

"Don't touch my feet."
"Oh, come on."
"I mean it, Mom. They stink. You don't want to touch them. I'm serious!"

He was right.

As I passed by, I noticed how hairy his gams had become. He had rough skin and masses of dark hair and little weird bumps all over his skin.

They looked like Big Daddy's.

Sweet Jesus! When did that happen?

When Big become big, he just sort of morphed. His voice deepened and his face matured in a slow, methodical way. I just realized one day that he was grown.

However, when Little went to bed last night, he was a toddler with pretty smooth skin and silky blonde hair. When I passed by tonight this weird kid was sitting there with a dishwater head and stinky armpits.

Who is this stranger on my couch? It was my baby. He's now an awkward but strangely handsome young man with acne on his chin from his practice helmet.

My babies are gone.


Now what?

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