Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Celebrity Playlists

I love my iPod. No, I mean can’t be without it or I start to sweat and itch and pick at my face addicted to it.

One of my Tuesday rituals is checking out the new celebrity playlists on iTunes.
Most of the time, I have no idea who these ‘celebrities’ are and their picks aren’t always to my liking, but sometimes I get turned on to new stuff and rediscover oldies. So, on Tuesdays (but, only when I feel like it) I’m starting a new feature here at Sugar Britches.

Sugar Britches’ Playlist

My weekly playlists will be determined by how I’m feeling at the time.
That being said, I’m not a music snob. I listen to various genres and time periods.

Warning: There are things on my lists that are going to be cheesy.

The danger I run is leaving something off for fear of ridicule or adding something I don’t really care about in order to sound sophisticated.

Well, if I like/liked it and it fits the criteria for the week’s Playlist, it’s going on there. This ain’t Blender Magazine, People.

So, bring on the Velveeta.

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