Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sugar Britches’ Playlist 2

Edition: Cheesy 80’s Ballads
Release Date: Aug 28, 2007
Total: 16 Songs

Since I’m on a nostalgic kick this week, this Tuesday’s Playlist is Cheesy 80’s ballads.


Here. Here. Settle down now. I know you’re excited, but there’s no need knocking someone over to get to it. It’ll be here!

“Missing You”-John Waite (Track 1): Oh dear me. Cry me a river. The pisser is we only went on one date. I think I had stalker tendencies.

“Don’t You Forget About Me”- Simple Minds (Track 2): I had to list something from a Molly Ringwald movie. Of course I watched Pretty in Pink. But The Breakfast Club rocked. It rocked, Baby, rocked!

Boys of Summer”-Don Henley (Track 3): This song is too painful for me to listen to. It still brings up silly adolescent emotion after all these years.

“I’m on Fire”-The Boss (Track 4): “Hey, little girl is your daddy home?” Sexy!

“Words get in the Way”-Gloria Estefan. (Track 5): I could wail exactly like Gloria. Listen, I’m singing right now.

uncanny, isn’t it?

“I Want to Know What Love Is”-Foreigner (Track 6): Couple Skate. Was there anything more romantic than a couple skate?

“The Search is Over”-Survivor (Track 7): I was every guy’s best friend. Their go-to girl for advice when their awful, mean, bitchy, ungrateful, undeserving girlfriends would crap on them yet again. This was my anthem! When-oh-when would they ever truly see me? (Sigh and dramatic flounce, crying into pillow) Which leads to…

“All Cried Out”-Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Track 8): This is truly embarrassing…yet essential to the Sugar Experience.

“No One is to Blame”-Howard Freaking Jones-(Track 9): I hardly understood a word he said. I tried to sing along because I loved it so much, but I could never make out the lyrics. Was it “and you want him, and he wants you and you wah ever wah?”

“Life in a Northern Town”-The Dream Academy (Track 10): “A-hey a ma-ma-ma.” ...I miss you, Girly.

“Never Surrender”-Corey Hart (Track 11): And you thought he only wore sunglasses at night. Tsk. Tsk.

“Open Arms”-Journey (Track 12): I’m sorry Guys, but it had to go on here, didn’t it?

“Crazy for You”-Madonna (Track 13): Prom. Could it be anything else? He was using you, Chicky. But then you knew that, didn’t you? You were indeed crazy for him.

“Kyrie”-Mr. Mister (Track 14): What were these guys talking about?

“Separate Lives”-Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin (Track 15): About now you’re asking yourself, “Dear God, is this ever going to end?”

“Hello”-Lionel Ritchie (Track 16): “Is it me you’re looking for?” I’m not sure, cuz the bust that blind girl is working on don’t look a thing like ya.

There you have it. You’ll never really be the same will you?

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