Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red Red Wine

Hey, Ya'll.

I found my new favorite thing.

Are you ready?

Sparkling Shiraz.

You heard me right, Kids. A sparkling red.

I damn near peed my sugar britches.

Now during the heighth of summer my new favorite thing in the world was Miller Chill. It's a light beer with a wee bit of lime in the aftertaste.


Not so sickly sweet that you can't stomach it, but just perfect for quenching your thirst when the sweat is pouring off ya like water over a dam.

I love me some red wine, but in the thick of summer, its just too heavy. I associate reds with the crisp feel of Autumn and the freezing evenings of January.

No more.

A sparkling red. Paringa Sparkling Shiraz 2004 straight from 'down under'. At my local wine shop its just shy of $12.

It's good for what ails ya. And after finishing off the bottle...

...nothing's ailing me!

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