Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sugar Britches' Playlist 1

Edition: Sentimental Favorites
Release Date: Aug 21, 2007
Total: 11 Songs

These songs all have the power to evoke powerful emotion. Every time I hear them there is a strong association to person, place, or event. There are more, but these came off the top of my head.

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”-Huey Lewis and the News (Track 1): An older boy destined to break my heart. This song and the smell of taffy brings him back.

“Jingle Bells”- (Track 2): When we were little and went on car trips Bubby and I would want to sing songs. When it came his turn to pick, our Dad would always pick this song-year round. He knew it aggravated us and he would make up new words every time.

“My Baby Just Cares for Me”-Nina Simone (Track 3): This song began my love affair with jazz standards. I was struck by it.

“Angel Eyes”-The Jeff Healey Band (Track 4): This is the song Big Daddy, to this day, associates with me. He’d not a dancer, but if this song comes on-which is rare-he asks me to dance.

“With or Without You”-U2 (Track 5): This reminds me of my commute to college classes. This song got tons of radio play. Bono at his angsty best.

“Dancing in the Dark”-Bruce Springsteen. (Track 6): I played the hell out of this song. It still makes me smile no matter what. And do that 80’s finger-snapping, side steppy dancy thingy.

“Lord, I Hope this Day is Good”-Don Williams (Track 7): This song always makes me think of my Granny and the hot summer I spent with her in Arkansas. She loved this song.

“At Last”-Etta James-(Track 8): This song has regained serious popularity over the past few years. It kind of pisses me off, because for a long time I thought this was my little find, now everyone sings it at weddings.

“Devil’s Dance Floor”-Flogging Molly (Track 9): When Big started getting into music on his own, Irish Trad was the first thing he introduced me to. Then he found these guys and hooked me. They mix trad and punk and I love it! Music was the first thing Big and I shared as peers.

“Copperhead Road”-Steve Earl (Track 10): I had never heard bagpipes in a rock song before. It always reminds me of the mall. I think because Big Daddy and I were newly wed and we raced out to find this cassette. We bought it at the mall. Try not to dance!

“I Like it I Love it”-Tim McGraw (Track 11): I can’t stand this song. But when I hear it, I think of Little. As a toddler he would sing this song non-stop. He liked it! He loved it! It makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

... that's a great collection of songs... quite a broad spectrum!....


Sugar Britches said...

I'm all over the place!