Monday, January 14, 2008

Steep Math

I’m on my yearly tea kick.

Somehow it doesn’t add up.

Three cups of coffee equals one pee.

Three cups of tea equals 17 pees.

I came home from work tonight and weighed 78 pounds.

…I better get back on my coffee before I waste away.


Bou said...

I thought it was just my observation! Its not just hot tea, but iced tea as well. My youngest, we'll go out for dinner and he'll get sweet tea for dinner and have to pee three times before we get home. If he gets water, he won't have to go at all.

It's so bad, that if we're going to a movie after I'll say to him, 'Bones... we've got a movie after dinner', and he'll say, "OH! I'll have water." Even he is aware of it.

Sugar Britches said...

And when the urge hits-you'd better go right goofin' then! There's no lollygaggin' on the way.

Bou said...

No! You are right! I hate to put it like this, but what is it about tea pee? (Heh, I crack myself up!) Seriously though, it is not like drinking water and having to go. When he drinks tea, there is no lollygaggin'! It is THEN!