Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An email from the Bahamas!


This is better than that crap e-card! It only let me use 350 characters!  Anyways this Internet is cheaper than the phone.
Anyways! Went to Cocokay today and kayaked around the island a little. After that I went snorkeling around a sunken ship! I don't that it was real(staged) but it was still cool. The fish are a maz ing! Three words!
After that, I went to a show that was a medley of movie music! Cool stuff got some vids for ya when I get home!
After that we went to a bar called Boleros and they had...
So of course I had to go up and perform... 3 times. Once in a group and twice solo. And will do so again tomorrow night and the night afterwards as well. As a group we did Bohemian Rhapsody, and solo I did Minnie the Moocher and Luck be a Lady. There's a midnight buffet I might crash (Buffet....tomorrow's song??).
But anyways, tonight was formal night and I had escargot, oxtail broth, and roasted duck in a dark currant wine sauce with strained seasoned cranberries and finished with a scoop of ice cream with cherries. It was served in a (swear to God, ask Brighton or h-cutt) spiked cherry sauce. It was Heavenly...tasted like rum.
I must interject here to tell you that Big knows rum because Big Daddy makes rum cakes every Christmas. He hasn't been allowed to sample the Captain Morgan's at will.

I got all my souvenir shopping done You, Dad, Me, Little, Chase, and Joy! 
Haven fun and hopin' you are too! 


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