Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Back

I know I know. I should have called or written. I could have dropped an email at least.

You’ve worried yourself sick about where I might have been and for that I’m truly sorry.

My PC has been out of commission. And as some of you know, I can only blog and/or comment from home because Blogspot is blocked at work-as is Wordpress. However, I can read most of my favorites by subscribing to feeds.

That’s a cool deal. Except for those of you who don’t display your entire post. Then I only get four lines and have to wait for the rest until I get home and can visit your blog properly.

I am sorely limited in what I can do without being camped out in my kitchen.

…and rightfully so. We all know I'd spend endless hours writing posts at work that you would in turn be forced to read.

That would be tragic, eh?

Instead, I create a Word document and then copy and paste onto my blog when I get home.

So I have about a week worth of posts ready to go. But I’ll roll them out slowly.

My writing is so incredibly rich if you consume too much on an empty stomach it might make you sick.

In fact, I am feeling a little nauseous.

…aren’t you?


Laura said...

"My writing is so incredibly rich if you consume too much on an empty stomach it might make you sick." ROFLMAO!!
I love the way you turn a phrase, lol!

Good to hear you're back. I wish I had an excuse for not posting and or visiting but my only excuse is pure exhaustion!

Primal Sneeze said...

Bad enough blocking Bloggerthingy and WordPress, but making you use MS Word, now that's just cruel!

Sugar Britches said...

Laura-I admit sometimes it's hard to make myself blog. It's a truly talented individual who can find the muse to post two and three times a day. That's not me. I shoot for twice a week and sometimes you get a bonus! But that exhaustion thing you speak of? We live with it daily don't we?

Primal- I play the cards I'm dealt. What do you use to 'compose'? Why do you use it? Is it sexy? Should I try it?

Primal Sneeze said...

My site runs on WordPress which in terms of, well everything, is the mutt's marbles. It's so long since I used Bloggerthingy that it would be unfair to cite differences - Bloggerthingy may have improved.

I use WordPress to compose etc. etc. etc. Nothing is done off-line.

For work I use OpenOffice instead of MS Office. The advantages are a) it's free, b) it supports all formats including MS and can even export to PDF, and c) it's not MS. Okay, c) is just me being biased.