Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I hate the word ‘chillaxin’.

...as in, "I think I'll spend the weekend lying around the house and 'chillaxin'.

As God is my witness, I'll never write that word again.

That is all.


MoxieMamaKC said...

Haha! I hate that word too! For some reason it reminds me of drunken frat boys...or Dr. Scholl's "I'm gellin'" commercials...

Elisson said...

Isn't that some kind of headache medication?

"Honey, I'm going to bed...I took a coupla Chillaxins half an hour ago and they're just not helping..."

Sugar Britches said...

moxiemamakc: Hey there! Those gellin' commercials get me, too. That and those confounded Mentos commercials.

Ellison: Chillaxin giveth the headache, not taketh away! ...and I said I'd never write the word again.