Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"You Take My Breath Away"

Picture it.

The year was 1979. The hair was big, the jeans were tight, the shirts open to the waist (I’m talking about the guys here) and the synopsis of this movie straight from IMDb is as follows:

When 13-year-old Jessie falls for 17-year-old musician Michael, there is a strong mutual attraction. In order to win him, she adopts an alternate life -- pretends to go to a Catholic high school, pretends to be older, dissembles to her Jewish family. When the elaborate deception fails, Jessie tells Michael the truth. He's shocked, angry and hurt, and must decide whether to pursue her or not.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Brighton showed up at work with a CD for me to listen to the other day. The CD?

Sooner or Later by Rex Smith

Is that not the greatest?

When I was 11 I fell in love, you see. Fell head over heals for one Rex Smith-the aforementioned Michael in the movie of the same name as the CD.

I hadn’t thought of him in years until we were talking at work and suddenly the question arose, “What’s your most embarrassing album purchase?”

Yes I owned the album. …and it has scratches and dents and smeared lip prints and it proudly resides alongside my Andy Gibb albums (God rest his soul) and my extensive Bee Gees collection.

I was 11 remember?

Anyhoo, I eschewed Shaun Cassidy. (However the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mystery hour was never missed on a Sunday evening. Unless it was the week Nancy Drew was on and then I didn’t care.) I’ll admit Leif Garret did make me swoon some when he would sing I was Made for Dancing. And I had an odd thing for Donny Osmond that only lasted about 25 seconds. I had a white soft-sided Donny and Marie lunchbox.

I was very popular that year.

So let’s review:
• Andy Gibb-died of a drug overdose.
• Leif Garrett-soon to die of a drug overdose.
• Shaun Cassidy-successful television producer.
• Donny Osmond-well preserved.

But, Rex... Girls, he’s still got it going on. He’s still out there getting it done on Broadway and entertaining veterans in Branson.

My embarrassing album admissions-that sit beside back issues of Tiger Beat-are an unfortunate Samantha Sang purchase and Air Supply’s Greatest Hits.

I will not however apologize for Sooner or Later!

They don’t make pop idols like they used to.

The Jonas Brothers?

(sniff) Please.

What about you? Any embarrassing music in your closet?


Eolai said...

I'm a huge Bee Gees fan. And when people ask me my favourite band - which they don't to be honest because they're usually more concerned about the kids, the mortgage, and the price of petrol - I tell them straight:
-It's the Pixies and the Bee Gees. Most especially the first couple of albums by the Brothers Gibb.

And I'm not joking. Because I don't think it's funny, honey.

Sugar Britches said...

Eolai-Well I'm not starting a joke!

Anonymous said...

.... Bread.... yeah, I know.....


Sugar Britches said...

Eric! Bread? "IF" was the greatest sappiest love song and I adored it. That reminds me of another sappy breakup song. Remember "You Left Me Just When I Needed You Most"? Randy Vanwarmer? Oh just cut out my heart. That poor guy. I just wanted to go love him up!