Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little's Big Adventure

I put Little on a plane yesterday morning.

For four days he and his school-sponsored tour group will be cutting a swath through our nation’s capitol. He’s armed with a fresh pack of double A’s and an extra memory card.

I know. I know.  You’re thinking, “Great…here comes a post about how nervous she is about her baby traveling that far without her and how she’ll have a hard time sleeping nights because she’s so worried about his safety.”

Ah. No.

I am so excited for him I’m fixin’ to pee down both legs!

And with that goes the Mother of the Year award I’ve so desperately wanted but never achieved.

Don’t get me wrong-I’m not reckless. But I’m also not wired with the paralyzing fear Prissy had.  (…except for driving.  I still fret some over Big when he takes off behind the wheel for parts unknown.)

And a little FYI for me...  I’d love to be going too, but no one wants their Mom around when they trek across the world looking for adventure.  Even if she is as cool, funny, devastatingly beautiful, and sophisticated as me. (I don’t like to brag or boast, see.  It’s unseemly.)

The buck will eventually stop.  I’m not in the business to support them the rest of their lives-at least monetarily.  The traveling is going to start for Mom and Dad here one of these years.

But for now, onward and upward!

He called me on break last night.  His first day in DC included the WW2, Korean, and Vietnam War memorials and The National Air and Space Museum.  He was all jacked up about his trip thus far and then told me about his bonus sighting.

Evidently, for better or worse, a sequel to Night at the Museum is being filmed at said museum.  Little managed to capture a photo of the back of Ben Stiller’s head.

I’m so proud that he described that moment as a bonus and not the highlight of the trip.  So far, I’d say that’s been the Spy Museum.  But I’ll find out soon. 

For months at a time, Little is a man of few words.  Then he’ll get a hair and he’ll talk.  And by talk I mean orate, demonstrate, and use his hands and his feet. Spit will fly out of his mouth as he emotes from his angled face all the way down to his man legs. An hour will fly by and we all will be exhausted from the listening.

I have a feeling he’ll come back talkative.

I can’t wait.

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