Monday, June 16, 2008

The British Invasion

Here at the garment factory we are battling a new addiction.

We are currently at war with the Discovery channel. Although, Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters still cause us much temptation.  Collectively as a family we've decided to ignore Ice Road Truckers and The Deadliest Catch, but the other two are still causing us issue.  

For me especially-Dirty Jobs.  For no matter how dirty he actually gets, that Mike Rowe is still just a damn handsome man.

You just don't see many handsome men anymore.

Don't get me wrong. There are many a fella I find hot, sexy, good-lookin', fine, cute, gorgeous, and Sawyer. (Yes, I use it as an adjective, not a noun.  When a feller is just all hotdirtysexy, we gals at work call him a Sawyer-try it!  Of course, you'd have to watch Lost to get it.)

But I digress.

In this day and age there are just few men you can describe as handsome.  The word seems to be dying out.  I think to be considered handsome there is an air of elegance needed.  Maybe? Somehow I don't think Mike Rowe is elegant holding freshly castrated horse testicles, but still.

I digress again.

Our addiction is now transferred to BBC America.

I am so ashamed.

We don't watch the dramas.  No Robin Hood or Torchwood for us.  We are all about the reality.

An intervention will soon be needed for my love of How Clean is Your House.  I could watch Kim and Aggie scrub toilets all day.  I have made my own air freshener from vodka and essential oils and I now put a capful of bleach in my dishwater.  I need to do research into what the heck biological washing powder is.  But I have gotten used to them referring to dish soap as washing up liquid.

I need to just say no to You are What you Eat.  Gillian has no qualms about calling a fat-ass a fat-ass and will shame you for feeding your kids crap. She examines everybody's poo and makes you eat Aduki beans.  

Aren't they the same thing?

But as we speak all three boys are watching Top Gear.  The road tip across the desert was watched every time it came on all weekend long.  Even though it ends the same way each and every time.

No Cash in the Attic, and I think Gordon Ramsey is a jerk, but we will watch reruns of The Office and Ab Fab. (See?  I'm even using the abbreviations)

Methadone, anyone?


Erica said...

I dig the Brits, I really do. Saturday nights at 8 p.m. I watch Hyacinth Bucket, followed by As Time Goes By (I am in love with Geoffrey Palmer - I need to meet a guy just like him, except about 25 years younger).

When I lived with my parents, my Mom and I were AbFab was quite disgusting how we would piss weekends away watching it, and also, when I learned it became available for purchase, I got the entire 1968 season of The Avengers, and even have a book autographed by Patrick Macnee. That man is fine.

Like I said, I do love me some Brits.

LeeAnn said...

Funny you should mention... I just today sat through the entire season 2 of "Dirty Jobs". I used to get up at the evil crack of dawn to watch Mike Rowe host "The Most" on History Channel, and I watch "Eureka" primarily because the lead actor looks and acts like he could be MR's baby brother.
And Sawyer as an adjective? Honey, you had me at "Freckles".

Sugar Britches said...

Erica-marathon editions of any show is just plain wrong. I can see how a weekend could be pissed away.

Leeann-Ha! It's that good old boy thing... I hate that even though I review posts until I'm crossed-eyed there are still glaring errors. Instead of using sawyer as an adjective in my example, it's actually a noun.

I give up. I just freakin' give up.

Anonymous said...

.... as the husband of a transplanted Scot, I have to say that BBC America is on here at the house quite a bit....

... Gillian has caused me to actually purchase avacados.... and they are horrible...

.... Top Gear though?.... no thanks.... that pretentious ass of a presenter is just too much for me to stomach....