Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Tonight

Ya know.  I have three nights off in a row.

Prime blogging time.

I could write missives and/or amusing anecdotes.   For God's sake, I could proofread this rot for a change.

But I got nothing.

Big Daddy's daddy is in the hospital recovering from a harrowing illness.

Prissy is in a depression.

Ben and John, I am happy to report, have both reached two pounds and ten ounces.

Another friend brought beautiful baby Isabella into the world just last night.

Too much time spent at the hospitals, 'homes', and works.

So tonight is for me.

But...on the way home from a visit to Prissy's this afternoon I sang my heart out in the car.  It was for my own amusement.  God knows no one else would have wanted to be with me.  I was listening to Martina McBride cover old country  classics.  I kept coming back to this one.  No matter how powerful it was, however, you can't beat the original.

So here's Tammy, Y'all.  And maybe we'll have something tomorrow.


Erica said...

I hope you enjoy tonight, and revel in how needed you are in other peeps' lives (I hope). Not sure why, but it's posts such as these...a few musings, taking stock of life, and a YouTube video...that make the 'sphere so awesome, and kinda warm 'n homey.

BTW, I am almost positive that Willie Nelson did a version of that song, because I can hear him singing it in my head, but I cannot find it online...unless I'm confusing it with "Help Me Make It Through the Night," which is more than likely the case.

After all, I'm just a Yankee, what would I know from country music.

Sugar Britches said...

You know from country, Girl! Thanks for pat on the back. Sometimes I feel I shortchange the folks in my life. I always feel like I'm playing catch up.

You are right about the warm and homey feel of the 'sphere. It's an environment like no other isn't it?

Primal Sneeze said...

Hard to let your blogiversary pass by without fanfare, Sugar ... so here goes ...

From the Edinburgh Tattoo 2007.

Sugar Britches said...

Primal, Primal...I wouldn't have lasted without you. I bestow upon thee the honor of being my Knight in blogging armor. You who've stuck with me through content thick and thin and thinner.

That fanfare left me feeling all royal-like. I dub thee and all that there.

Anonymous said...

...everyone needs some time to themselves.... I'm glad you got a chance to grab some!.... excellent song as well!...