Monday, June 30, 2008


I feel the need to explain my last post-lest anyone think I’m bi-polar. 

Once a month or so I develop a severe personality disorder that stems from natural biological circumstances.

The title of the  previous post stemmed from the joke that is as follows:

“Do you know why they call it PMS?”

“No, why?”

“…because ‘Mad Cow’ was already taken.”

Get it? 

I know-not very funny.  But here’s another one for ya.

“Why do Eskimos wash their clothes in Tide?”

“Why, Sugar?”

“…because it’s too cold out tide.”

Ha! That one kills me!

…and one more before you kick me ‘til I’m dead.

“What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming?”


OK, I’m done now. 

However, I do have another arrival to report.  Bryce Asher came into the world less than an hour ago.  I don't even have particulars yet.

This one is Joy's first great-nephew.  And so by default and the fact that I've wormed my way into the family by pretending to be fascinating, he's my first great-nephew also.  In fact, I'm off to the hospital right now to have a look see.  I'll go to the basement and check in on John and Ben too. 

...three pound monsters that they are.

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