Monday, June 9, 2008

Gossip with a Romanian

Sugar is there!


Sugar.  Is there.  She promise lunch to me!

Oh, yeah.  She said she’s ready when you are.

I come now!  She be ready!

So five minutes later, Carmen came by and we went to lunch.  Hands down, she has the most beautiful face of any woman I have ever met. She’s four years older but looks ten years younger than me so of course I intended to hate her. 

Alas, I cannot. Even if every thing that comes out of her mouth sounds like a command.

Where Kasey?

She called out sick tonight.

Oh I wordy ‘bout her.  She call out too motch.  She get coaching!  Coaching in computer!

I’m sure she’ll be fine. Hey, how’s your son faring?

He good.  He email me yesterday.  It very hot in Iraq you know.

Her husband drives over the road.  Before they married he worked with a Romanian guy and when said guy was going home for a visit, Carmen’s future husband went home with him to experience a new country.  And there he met her.  She has a son who came over with them and when he turned 18 he became an American citizen and joined the army.

I need to lose weight.

Carmen, Honey you’re gorgeous.  Where do you need to lose weight?

My stomach!  Look!  I gain weight here in US.  Chemicals in food! In Romania no chemicals in food. I lose five pounds in week I want.  But you have no tea here.  I have my Mother send the tea.


Yes, You drink one cup a day and lose five pounds in week.  But no drink too motch or you go to bathroom.

She worries herself to death about everyone’s comings and goings.

She clock in too early. She get coaching!

He take too many breaks. He get coaching!

You back from lunch?  When you go home?

You clock out too late you get coaching!

How would I feel living in a country other than my own?  The thought excites me, but would I miss the most?

What do you miss about Bucharest, Carmen?  I mean other than everything.

Oh, I miss my Mother and sister.  I miss the city.  There is so motch to do there!  Here, I miss my husband. I only see him on weekend.

I was thinking this must be really lonely for her-with no family in the country.

But, I go to mall on Saturday with mother-in law. 

I felt better immediately knowing she had company.

Good!  You’ve got some family.

No.  I no like her!

…some things are universal. 


Primal Sneeze said...

Ha ha! Very good!

Like the new blog list by the way.

Sugar Britches said...

The blog list is a new feature with Blogger. I need to organize it further, but it basically brings over all my subscriptions from Google Reader. Kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

... living overseas or away from your native land is both fun and scary at the same time!....