Monday, March 3, 2008

Whadaya Think?

I’m saving my pennies.

Well, actually I’m earning extra pennies to pay off a few sundry items.

Then I’m paying for Little’s braces. Which will take a day or two.

So, I’m looking to treat myself come autumn and perchance purchase a laptop.

I know. I know.

Big doin’s.

I’m tired of being blocked to some of my favorite blogs (Including my own. I mean, not that my blog is one of my favorites, but that I can't access it. Oh! You know what I mean.) and blogs I've yet to discover by my company’s firewall.

I’m tired of writing posts on napkins, the backs of old Wal-Mart ads, and toilet paper.

I’m tired of having to sit at home in my kitchen (favorite room in my house though it may be) to watch You Tube.

I’m tired of not being able to Solitaire myself into a stupor or work myself into a Freecell frenzy wherever and whenever the need arises.

Don't even get me started on Bespelled.

I’m tired of not being able to sit in Starbucks and look pretentious whilst sipping a $10 latte and 'working on a spreadsheet' when I’m really reading Perez.

I’m tired of…I'm tired of...

Well that’s all I’m tired of.

I just want one. OK!?

It’s technology.

And to me, it is the be all end all of portable electronic gadgets. (Seeings how I’m not a gamer. Are you terribly disappointed?)

Here’s the dilemma. Other than the fact I am hopelessly behind.

Good God in Heaven which one?

I can’t see the forest for the trees.

I’m slightly overwhelmed, but in a fabulous way. It’s going to be tons of fun shopping. (Or just for you , Eolai, too much fun.)

There is a recommendation center on the Best Buy website that was kinda sexy. It narrowed the choices down based on my needs/wants.

But what about glitches? Which one sounds good in the offering but in reality is a lemon?

Which one looks sophisticated, futuristic and other worldly, but sucks functionally?

Which one answers the call for me to use here at 'The Garment Factory' as well as anywhere else I dang well please?

I need guidance.

whadaya think?


Primal Sneeze said...

Some advice: Bring a geek shopping with you as adviser. Select two or three models you'd like. Wait patiently until they, or similar, are in sales or on special offer.

You have time between now and autumn. Ha! You said autumn. Is that not fall in Americanish?

Sugar Britches said...

OK. I will. When are you coming to Missouri?

Fall is indeed Americanish (I love that term by the way and am going to blatantly steal it from you and use it at every opportunity) I was feeling saucy at the time and wrote the more formal 'autumn'.

june in florida said... is your answer for any tech questions,product reviews etc. She has a radio show on Saturdays and columns etc.A very safe web site and loads of free downloads.You have time so you can do a lot of research, good luck.

Sugar Britches said...

You know, June, I used to subscribe to Ms. Kim's newsletter but for some reason discontinued it. I haven't thought of her in a while. I'll have to give it a look see. Thanks!

Eolaí said...

I got mine before I left KC, having a feeling I might be living on the hoof once I reached Ireland. And so it has been.

For me I had a geek keep an eye on crazy price reductions at Circuit City and the other one (CompuStore?) to stop me from buying something stupid. I finally bit when one was close to half-price.

There was an autumn issue though, something about prices not coming down until after all the kids going back to school had bought the latest model.

Laura said...

I have no idea either. I'm a miserable gadget failure of a person. However, I can offer you some hope. On my site, look for John Holman's blog. He just bought a TreeO something or other and he explains WHY he likes it. If it fits what you're looking for, and the price is right....well, there ya go!


Sugar Britches said...

Eolai I never thought about it being the beginning of the school year. You're right. I maybe should wait till after the first of the year now. Dang.

You wouldn't steer me wrong, Laura. I'll check him out!