Thursday, March 6, 2008


Big's going to state for a third year in a row. For three performances. He's going for his mixed ensemble, his men's ensemble, and his solo.

He rocks!

I got to listen to Big's solo for district competition tonight.

He's good.

Oh, let's get real.

He's freakin' fantastic!

I know he's good. He's been to state twice, so this isn't just blind parental pride.

Here's the thing.

Why do I still literally, not figuratively, gasp with surprised wonder every time he opens his mouth on stage?

I do understand why I am moved to shed those God-awful embarrassing maternal tears.

I don't understand why I'm so awed when I listen to him sing. It's as if I'm hearing him for the first time -each and every time I hear him.

Even after listening to scads of his performances.

After all this time, the new hasn't worn off of listening to him.

...maybe it never will.


Primal Sneeze said...

What are "scads"?

Laura said...

"scads" <--- an awful lot of something.

I feel the same way when my daughter performs in color and winterguard. It's because she's doing something on her own, in front of all those people, and most of all, she's damn good at it!

It's pride, Momma. Pat yerself on the back. I hope the new never wears off. ;)

Sugar Britches said...

I think Laura sums it up nicely for you, Primal-bunches, lots, loads-scads.

I hope the new doesn't wear off either. I think its also a control thing. You said it best-she does it on her own-as Big does. And without any help from me whatsoever, he nails it.

Awesome stuff!