Friday, March 14, 2008

The Five Senses experienced just this evening while moonlighting.

Seen: In the cookie aisle, a woman stuck in the 80's. She wore jeans with a waist so high her boobs lopped over the waistband. They had not tapered legs, but peg legs. (Gentlemen, there is a difference) They were acid washed. However they looked brand new. So either she bought ten pair in 1985 to last her the rest of her life or someone has resurrected this look.

Please, God. No.

Smelled: A grocery stocker hosed down in Patchouli. Not a blend or an essence thereof, but pure, straight patchouli.

I hate patchouli.

Heard: On the Muzak, that titular song (tee-hee, I said tit) from 1979 Lead Me On by the incomparable Maxine Nightingale. I had that damn piece of crap stuck in my head all night.

Of course, I knew all the words.

Make it stop!

Felt: While collapsing boxes, a cardboard paper cut. Kinda like a normal paper cut, but worse.

I cursed.

Out loud.

Also Felt: Hugs from my two favorite little girls while they were skipping by the fitting room looking specifically for me.

OK, the cardboard cut of death is feeling better.

Tasted: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and a bag of pretzels from the vending machine.

Yum! Dinner of champions

Also tasted: Red wine at midnight after arriving home.

That last taste was my favorite of the five senses this evening.

...the hugs weren't bad either.


Laura said...

That old lady would fit in well at the Walmart in our town. Her sisters live down here as well, and they all dress alike.
Their front yards are full of little knick-knacks like elves and bunnies and colorful whirlygigs, and if it wasn't for them, we'd all look alike.

Or not.

Sugar Britches said...

The unfortunate thing, Laura, is that this woman was my age. 40ish. I love eccentric old women and hope to be one myself one day.

This gal, however, was straight out of my yearbook.