Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Flood 2008

Mother Nature has surely given us a lot to think about this year in our little corner of the world.

…ice, snow, and now rain.

I have many pictures of the destruction caused by the floods last week, but posting them doesn't feel right to me.

Sadly, there have been a lot of displaced people do to the flooding.

But as with the ice storm I won’t show you horrible devastation, but I will show you, how should I say it?

The power?

This is our favorite campsite. You usually have to navigate a steep down-hill climb to get to the water. Now the water comes to you.

The swimming hole just down the way.

The Marina


Powersite Dam. Five of the ten gates are open-a rare event. Anytime water pours out of Tablerock Lake into Lake Taneycomo, people come in droves to watch it.

A closer view of the gates

Those dam dummies!

1 comment:

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

I feel for all these people who've lost their loved ones, pets, property and peace of mind with these storms.

Every reputable scientist tells us that weather patterns are only going to get more extreme and I'm afraid we'll have to go through many more such natural disasters as our climate changes before we make the changes in our energy consumption we need to.

It's good to know you escaped the worst of it though, SB.